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The Roastery, with its humble beginnings in Penang, and today nationwide, are known for its perfection when it comes to coffee. Our beans are specially handpicked to give you the right blending and roasting experience. Oh well… Quality is definitely in our roots.


We curate the cup specially for your café through the variety of roasting techniques and equipment, unlocking the distinct aromas and flavours of our high-quality and high-grown coffee beans.

While our artisanal coffee is roasted to perfection, your café’s last step is your customer’s first sip! Psst… we just want to help the world make better coffee.

Our journey doesn’t stop at roasting. We provide private labelling services if you’re into crafting your own blend, or just go with our inhouse signature blends which are equally popular.


Besides, we also add value through our repair and maintenance services for your coffee machines which leave us the need to meet for a cup of
good coffee!

Coffee us soon!

The Roastery PLT

1, Lintang Kampong Jawa,

Off Jalan Bagan Luar,

12000, Butterworth, Penang

Tel: (60) 12-481 2468

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