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S1 Mini Vivaldi

  • Electronic coffee machine with automatic dose setting

  • Temperature indicated by LED display

  • Electronic temperature control of the boiler for hot water and steam delivery

  • Built-in safety thermostat

  • Built-in volumetric pump

  • 0,45 liter boiler for coffee deliver

  • 1,2 liter boiler for hot water and steam delivery

S1 Dream

  • Electronic one group coffee machine

  • 128 X 64 pixel graphic display

  • Capacitive touchpad

  • Proportioned dose setting

  • Software update through Secure Digital (SD) memory card

  • Service scheduled control system with signal on display

  • Grinding degree control with signal of coarse or fine grinding


  •  Electronic coffee machine with proportioned dose setting

  • Built-in pump

  • Electric heating system

  • 10-liter boiler (for the 2-group machine)

  • Pressure gauge for boiler  and pump pressure control

  • 1 hot water outlet / 2 steam wands

  • Boiler heating element safety thermostat

  •  Stainless steel body

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  • Electronic coffee machine with automatic dose setting

  • Double pressure gauge for boiler and pump pressure control

  • Electronic boiler temperature regulation

  • Boiler temperature indicated by LED display

  • Automatic operating temperature boost function

  • Lever operated steam and hot water valves

S40 Selectron

  • Controlled thermal differential 0,5°C

  • Digital pressure sensor for boiler, water mains, and pump

  • ITC Function of latest generation

  • Delivery groups and boiler washing cycle

  • Exclusive access to the programming through Service Card protected by a PIN code

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