Acid Lemon Syrup
Thick, colourful and rich in flavour.
Natural sharpness of lemon sweetened by sugar.
Apricot Syrup
Sweet and velvety. Reminding of the apricot marmelade.
Blackcurrent Syrup
Strong aroma of blackcurrant. Intense colour of blackcurrant berries.
Blackberry Syrup
Colour: deep and dark red with fine blue shades.
Taste : Sweet and aromatic typical of blackberry.
Slight notes of stewed blackberry.
Blood Orange Syrup
Pure sugar syrup made of natural extracts from orange.
Blue Curaçao syrup
Intense, colourful and highly flavoured.  Fresh and sweet taste with mellow extracts of orange.
Caramel Syrup
Aromatic and sweet flavour of the caramel smelted with milk.
Chestnut Syrup
Nose : chestnut with a touch of vanilla.
Taste : warm, velvety and intense palate.
Cinnamon Syrup
Aromatic and sweet flavour of one the sweetest spices.
Coconut Syrup
Typical taste of coconut pulpe.
Cucumber Syrup
Intense aroma of freshy peeled cucumber. Very fresh and slightly sweet taste typical of cucumber’s skin and flesh.
Elderflower Syrup
Amber coloured. Strong aroma of elderflower, lemon and lytchee notes.
Very subtle and refreshing flavour, floral and slightly acidic.
Green Apple Syrup
The acid, fruity and refreshing flavour of sour apple.
Grenadine Syrup
Colour :brilliant and vivid red. Concentrate, colourful and highly flavoured.
Redfruits taste (raspberries,blackberries, redcurrant ..) with a fine vanilla touch.
Ginger Syrup
Peppery aroma of fresh ginger.
Slight lime touch
Gingerbread Syrup
Intense, colourfull and highly flavoured.
Flavours of spices, honey and anise.
Hazelnut Syrup
Taste of a roasted hazelnut.
Honey Syrup
Flower note, light nougat taste.
Icemint Syrup
Very fresh taste of white mint.
Irish Syrup
Arôme of whisky, coffe, crème fraiche.
Kiwi Syrup
Acidulous flavour of kiwi sweetened by sugar.
Lemon Syrup
Intense, colouful and highly flavoured.
Natural acidulous taste of lemon sweetened by sugar.
Lime Syrup
Intense, colourful and highly flavoured.
Acidulous taste of lime and lime zest.
Lychee Syrup
colour: pink reminding of the litchi peel.
nose: sweet and fruity
taste: floral touch typical of the fruit. Slight notes of honey and fresh hazelnut.
Macadamia Nut Syrup
Flavour of almond and coconut.
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